Dietas milagro ¿Existen? [Riesgos, falacias…]

By @lindescolon It’s important for us to learn about the dangers of miracle diets who promises lose weight in a short period of time. There is an economic and commercialinterest very powerful to mitigate the impact and outreach of the scientific evidence. In this article we are going to learn about how to avoid these […]

La ventana metabólica

By @ManuelGómez ¿Qué es la ventana metabólica? La ventana metabólica se refiere al tiempo posterior, de 45 minutos hasta 2 horas, al esfuerzo físico. En ese tiempo la capacidad tu cuerpo de asimilar nutrientes es muy elevada, regenerando los niveles de glucógeno y musculatura. Es preciso añadir a esta definición que esta supuesta “ventana” dependería […]

Efecto del azúcar en la salud. Ese veneno tan dulce y lento.

By @Alicia992000 1.1. Scientific lies about sugar According to the recommendations of WHO (World Health Organization), it is advised not to exceed from 10 percent of sugar in our diet. Moreover, it has been shown that if we limit until the 5 percent of the ingestion we will get even more benefits. This recommendation is […]

[1ºBACH] Fallacies in sports & health

Physical Education & Philosophy We can find ads everywhere and anytime. The media, the social networks… everything we do, everything we buy, everything we believe in… is influenced in many different ways, by many different groups of interest and power. With this activity, we would like to encourage you to mix up the knowledge acquired […]


Si quieres estar en forma deberás quemar más calorías de las que consumes y para ello la mejor forma será hacer ejercicio. Cuando nos encontramos inmersos en una operación bikini, donde además de estar en forma buscamos ajustar nuestra masa corporal a las recomendaciones saludables, es frecuente ver a gente corriendo con ropa de abrigo […]

Do you know how to tie your shoes?

Hi! I would like to share in this entry a video where you can learn how to tie your shoes properly, using the extra hole in order to prevent blisters 🙂 Here you go! I hope it is helpful for you!

Music, Physical performance & Science. [Give me your music!]

Myth or reality? During our PE lessons you often ask for permission to be able to listen music while you warm up. Beyond the fact that I allow you to listen to music or not, I consider that it is necessary to ask ourselves what effect does has listening to music on our physical and […]